Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, Untitled (Self-Portrait in Mirror), c. 1927


Claude Cahun (French, 1892-1954) and Marcel Moore (French, b. Suzanne Malherbe, 1892-1972), Untitled (Self-Portrait in Mirror), c. 1927. Photogravure, 4 5/8 x 3 ½ in. Private Collection

Cahun duplicates her look and her likeness to unsettle the site of representation as a seemingly neutral space of regard. Presenting herself as a dandy, she plays at the intersection of multiple looks: between the duplicated image of the mirror, the reproductive eye of the camera, and the regard of the viewer. At once engaging and turning away from us, Cahun catches the eye of the camera and the viewer in an in-between space of gender and sex, subject and object, real and representation.