Weegee, Blind Moon Dog at Monmarte Bar, ca.1958

Weegee (American, b. Poland, 1899-1968), Blind Moon Dog at Monmarte [sic.] Bar, ca. 1958

Weegee (American, b. Poland, 1899-1968), Blind Moon Dog at Monmarte Bar, ca.1958. Ferrotype Silver Print, 8 1/16 x 7 5/8 in. Gift of D. Frederick Baker from the Baker Pisano Collection, 2012.1.49

The large areas of deep shadow attune us to the rich strains that can develop from the darkness. The glare of high contrast black and white echoes the counterpoint of closed eyelids and brilliantly illuminated musical instruments. Rather than a portrait of blindness as a loss or a bar to experience, the orchestration of the portrayal of the New York-based musician, poet, and inventor Louis Thomas Hardin who called himself “Moondog” suggests that the conditions that dampen sight might make blindness more like the dark room of photography or the closet in which other worlds take shape.